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The Ultimate Guide to: Balancing Blood Sugars (eBook)
  • The Ultimate Guide to: Balancing Blood Sugars (eBook)

    Welcome to The Ultimate Guide to: Balancing Blood Sugars.

    A companion to The Ultimate Guide to: Wholefoods:

    Embracing Clean Eating for Optimal Health.


    This eBook explores how clean eating and understanding the different types of carbohydrates can play a significant role in balancing blood sugars, building upon the foundation established in my previous eBook, The Ultimate Guide to: Wholefoods.


    Unlock the secrets to stable blood sugar levels and vibrant health!

    This guide offers expert insights, practical tips, and actionable strategies to help you take control of your blood sugars.


    From understanding the difference between simple and complex carbs to harnessing the power of fats and proteins, each chapter is packed with valuable information to empower you to make informed choices about your diet and lifestyle.


    Learn how to navigate the world of glycaemic load and glycaemic index, discover the benefits of clean eating and wholefoods, and gain practical tips for balancing blood sugars in your daily life.


    Whether you're looking to prevent the ups and downs of being on the blood sugar rollercoaster, manage diabetes and insulin resistance or simply improve your health and wellbeing, this ebook is your ultimate resource for improving your health.


    Available for digital download (pdf).


    A FlipBook version is also available, so if you'd like this sent through following your purchase, please email:

    Let me know if you'd like the mobile or desktop version :)

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