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Juniper - Pure Organic Skincare


Acne can have many root causes such as hormone imbalance, hereditary factors, incorrect skincare products, gut bacteria imbalance, poor diet and vitamin deficiency. When it comes to hormonal and sensitive acne prone skin it is important to treat the sensitivity first. Junipers' Calming products and Antioxidant Skin Firming Serum are recommended in the daily routine to assist in the topical treatment of hormonal and sensitive acne prone skin.

If you have been diagnosed with PCOS you would have most likely noticed changes in your skin. You may be experiencing mild to severe acne along with congestion, sensitivities and even soreness. At Juniper we assist in treating many skin conditions including the symptoms of PCOS, and recommend a calming range of products that may help in reducing the symptoms associated with this condition.

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